a thousand popped kernels
munched while flipping channels
counting toes like glowing ordinals
not crows or angry rouge cardinals

sipping mangolicious nectars
time ebbs away like specters
new time flows in to fill the void
temporal osmosis about our spheroid

waves of time lap upon the shore
bringing cycles anew to forgotten lore
each time is different than before
butterfly wings unfold yesteryore

bubbly brew of cranberry fizz
tastier true than tofu whiz
percolates through as new year rings
to realms new we fly on our precious wings

for the future ask not great mountain babas
inquire thereof three quite freckled bananas
blended with grains and made into bread
your hands knead your future recipes in your head

each moment is thrust
back into the past
by flutters of your heart
your great wings impart

fly on my dear butterflies
take off into new skies
flap flutter and rise
each moment a surprise

we are all drawn by flowers
new nectar light showers
time ticks not in hours
heart-wings impart their powers

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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