within the cusp of midnight

within the cusp of midnight
we have turned our back
away from our sunny star
gaze into the screaming star field
bask beneath this subtle light

within the cusp of midnight
that we truly are
shadows what we think we lack
blaze forth beauty behind our shield
embrace self or rear in fright

flip the cusp of midnight
lo inverted cup
behold sweet midnight chalice
to venture forth or wither yield
flee back into dear sun’s light

pour from the flask of midnight
nectar of pure light
our darling dodged our umbra
emissary of light well heeled
bask in this pure angel’s flight

drink from this cup of midnight
may your soul shine bright
quaff of this cherished essence
imbibe the nectar of spirit
may your precious soul shine bright

filled with the juice of midnight
clarified to right
peace abounds within your heart
opaque lenses from third eye peeled
now thus reveal love’s true might

beyond the cusp of midnight
toward the sun we turn
rotation’s in our nature
our dear soul through this burn annealed
and so polished burning bright

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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