simultaneity you and me

people ask “who was i in a past life?”
they were all queens and warriors
i was a beggar in the street
no one you would think to meet
endured such thunder snow and sleet
encountered mercy at your feet
entangled vines fill this chalice rife

i was a farmer tilling and toiling
my heavy scythe not reaping lives
unless you hear wheat’s heady cries
from field to barn adashing
no regal knight’s blade flashing
no rage filled blood was boiling
except that sun baked broiling

several lives ago i was a woman
at the dusty market selling cheese
the man next to her with busheled peas
adjust your glasses bat your lashes
your wine sees time too narrow
my lives aren’t sequenced by time’s arrow
to which tree next flies the sparrow

my past lives will be in the future
every one knitted like a suture
crocheted by dove and balded vulture
breeding petried in a culture
this tapestry of simultaneous threads
synchronicity turns no heads
when simultaneity rules living and dead

is this tangled grove pruned by species
in another life i was my cat
i was two lovers in a spat
i was another fish upon the landing
those unheard minstrels disbanding
that mute child being reprimanded
the hand of karma is not branded

i was my mother
i was my son
i was the stranger
walking in the sun
the bluegened cowboy with his flute
sweet essence of self with her lute
i am everyone we are one another

a billion times been miscarried
a billion more deep wrinkles tarried
throughout all time we are one
forgetting names and all we’ve done
ego-induced amnesia
weaves so many tales
then they fleece ya

i remember being you, and he, and she
some days i even remember being me
those dark black days as Erwin’s cat
the quiet bird of your feather’s hat
and drooling nights as Ivan’s dog
heard a tree fall on a butterfly’s log
some days we breathe and together be

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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