monarch midwives

protofaeries crawl their way
to munch in Elysian fields
bitter asclepias elixir take a swig
defensive drink cultivates milky armored wig
faerie bottles furnished with a singular twig
residence in double encapsulated brig

polly propagated milkweed
chamomile and splendid seed
many monarch midwives
host faerie bottle lives
outfitted with fine netting
adorned with twig and leaf

each caterpillar finds a home
each babe shall dream alone
having eaten multitudinous milky leaves
with sublime silk she weaves
self-grown second womb
cool chrysalis or tiny tomb

monarch midwives patiently wait
guarding their faeries for a fortnight
until the coming of the blackening
which ushers in the heir transparent
followed by such silent crackling
when wrinkled reborn dry their airships

monarch midwives dance in joy
release their guests not viceroy
lots of lone danaus plexippus ahoy
come together join their convoy
and to their gardens the midwives tend
to flora and wee fauna angel wings they lend

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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