my office is full of blacksmiths
phalanx of blank black monoliths
erected by some alien race
every day i give them chase
stoically they stand reflecting
waters of a billion brooks babbling
superficial desires played on lyres
each glowing a phantom’s inner fires

curious i enter their realm
consumed throughout by welling whelm
pulled by recursion of gödel and anselm
quite cautiously i take the helm
perform incantations from a dream
cull forth, invoke photonic steam
call awake one monolith to life
pixels and vivals streaming rife

a savage i howl with sticks and stones
over the surface i prowl for forgotten tomes
dancing before this pantheon of monoliths
with bare fingers coerce and claw their piths
body blackened by insidious illumination
reveling in remnant recurring ruminations
fire ignites through my glowing fingertips
phalanges flying until great monolith eclipse

in this chamber once more dark as night
black monoliths surround me left and right
silence wails its latent echoes
blacksmiths abandon sooty bellows
from a once favorite chalice
feverishly i fetch a twig of graphite
fumble to untie old journal’s bodice
this couple’s coitus dances by starlight

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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