ignorance the dearest teacher

some say it is experience
others say that is for fools
such is wisdom of too many rules
like tears such wit collects in pools

frankly, Franklin would think it failure
or Taylor, that i’m reliable as an errant sailor
and Livy, livid at my languid Latin
such pithy pride do i flatten

stultorum eventus magister est
ad infinitum experientia docet
“Experience is the best teacher,
but a fool will learn from no other.”

my wisdom measured merely meager
ignorance is the dearest teacher
for while i stumble in the shadows
every false step creates hallowed echoes

forced to find fresnelated facets
in blackened bliss fondling tinkling trinkets
ignorance revealing hidden caverns of the super subtle
exposing aspects with which knowledge wouldn’t trouble

following festoons from gem to jewels
tracing deep paths through all virgules
discovering the maze of twisty little whirlpools
illuminating artifacts the enlightened ridicules

ah sweet ignorance you lead me through the abyss
on a tangled journey through scorched land of bliss
instilling appreciation with every twist and turn
and every lesson from which i burn

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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