flaming flamingos

deep river of dust
with no hint of must
immersed in brown
far outside of town
flaming flamingos
walking on shadows
sky reveals its blue
brown away wind blew

seasons shift retrograde
perfecting plans enbraid
who built this freedom’s stage
unlocked oppressions’ cage
flames to kindle our memory
of those who help us be free
whose undying sacrifice
paid with ultimate price

seeds of hope sown from death
by those who gave their very breath
not just for their families own
but countless millions unknown
precious people planted peace
honored now with rose and wreaths
gave from marrow to their fleece
we all their nephew and their niece

fires burn into evening bright
offered flowers still grieving night
all who now still breathe
air of land of the free
we inherit from them with open tears
unfathomable legacy across the years
from even death not the soldier shies
let us remember with respectful cries

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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