a script is a crypt

a script is a crypt
laid to rest once shipped
essence body and rind
stripped of breath rendered blind

a script is a crypt
whose soul has been ripped
silent stories no tales tell
unread script dwells in hell

a script is a crypt
which locks away clasped and clicked
woven stories of each scene
characters unspoken and unseen

a script is a crypt
perhaps one day picked
for its twisted tangled genome
unearthed by a reader lone
from which they draw faint memories
and shape them into entities
protagonae and enemies
each shuffle on a mortal coil
buttoned loosely like a cardigan
some placid others wield a foil

a script is a crypt
both clarified and whipped
from which director and cast
cull both future and past

a script that is read
actors waking the dead
breathing into them life
of joy drama and strife

a script tousled and unkempt
polished reincarnated redreamt
from silent echoes in my head
to echo grander on the stage instead


About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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