my moonlit muse

my moonlit muse beckons
across the sea of night
wry warming wind reckons
ushering treasures of delight

dusting off old weary words
none too dark, none too light
reminding these linguistic curds
they are worthy, worth a fight

reminding dear forgotten words
that they indeed know how to dance
breathing new life into lustrous shells
their glory glows, their dancing swells

marvelling in neglected lore
ignorant of what is in store
swimming in this wordy sea
now i truly hear their plea

forget us not we implore you
forsake us not as we adore you
long to echo in dusky halls
bouncing off ochre painted walls

hidden away we are cloistered
like latent pearls waiting to be oystered
tucked away within windy grove
you shall find our trypsy trove

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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