brothers in bhakti

brothers of hearts
call forth and play
the queen of hearts
upon the table of my soul

this is where it starts
their lyric lights the way
strings strike salient sparks
raise me to my inner shoal

we all play our parts
they are not the jack and king
but jesters with big hearts
who pump beat strum and sing

melodic minstrels of the arts
with raucous rhythms rhizomes ring
harmonious healing imparts
pleated joy and longing they bring

alchemists concocting choral play
summoning shadows silent shards
eliciting enlightenment amidst the fray
fathoming vortices blessed bards

guitar and tabla tinged with blues
blended harmonica and harmonium
paint the red rocks in human hues
rock the ragas sing the spectrum

beside the creek which wends its way
brothers in bhakti came to play
while their vibe our bodies sway
within our hearts they shall stay

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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