my π

i am crazy about pi
but i really don’t know why
starts three point one four one five
goes as high as the sky

i am wild about this pi
’tis truly quite delicious
has no fruit, spice, or pecans
with a name so subterfugious

now i’m raving about π
from Greek to intercontinental
meditating on it’s transcendental
‘though my tongue prefers just dental
(or perhaps i’m wholly mental)

while i praise my πrecious π
cirque’s diameter’s twice the radius
cirque’s umference dia divides us
in the ratio resides π πrecocious

πulchritudinous π beloved π
i used to memorize your digits
when my slide rule had the fidgets
i’ve used you in many widgets

dear darling π
with my crude eye
from any angle you are spry
but sometimes you still make me cry

πlentiful π
for you any loan i’d cosign
but ask me to take your cosine
and all i get is a negative one

πernicious π
if i had two of you in radians
the cosine yields positive one
these mood swings like the sun

but still i adore thee beloved π
though mine is not to reason why
mine is but to love you ’til i die
and even then you shan’t be shy

and so dear π
with your 3.141592653589793
ad infinitum out to the sea
i simply say “you had me at three”

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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