coming cassia

january blossoms purple and orange
may to some seem quite strange
desert sage bursts in like bandits
honeysuckle hoists its trumpets

autumn leaves pour from dry bottles
as their former green sheen mottles
generously green neighborly ficus
wonders out loud do you think they like us

honeysuckle and sage joined by rosemary
boasting how many blossoms she’ll carry
all the rest conspired to tarry
bide and wait ’til february
for they find the cold quite scary

from february first cassia buds
darling dears don’t look like duds
bright yellow beads like xanthous
presage yellow season upon us

cinnamon cousins begin to open
could not a brighter day have chosen
now ripe rosemary’s gotten jealous
of all sweet cassia shall compel us

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to coming cassia

  1. jilllurie says:

    I love this one!!!!!!!!!!


    • Brad Werner says:

      Thanks! I wrote the first half circa January 3, when the first blossoms were coming, then stalled for about a month until the cassia blossoms came and told me how to finish it. 🙂


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