chicken of möbius street

one fine day walking down Möbius street
who by chance did I happen to meet
but that thoughtful crafty chicken
from the other side of the street

so amazed i asked her how not why
this is what she gave in reply
cluck cluck cluck was all she had to say
yet in my head i heard walk this way

hence her hen feet turned around
plaintive pavement did i pound
mimicking her steps i did the same
as i followed on down the lane

after a great long while
she took me for a spiral
as the street swung quite chiral
treading on topology gone viral

as we chickens neared the corner
of Möbius Yggdrasill and Níðhöggr
i paused i screamed i tried to warn her
my chicken friend headed for the other side

where was white wolf who gave us chase
dead ahead not a moment to whaste
i knew from those teeth something’s afowl
i’ve got you now he said with a scowl

swiftly around we spun to run
on a rotisserie headed into the sun
wolf almost upon us three two one
dashed toward a door with lock undone

the chicken and i ducked inside
she cocked her head to the side
and said I think it’s number eight
oh dear I hope we’re not too late

yet I knew it was our only chance
as i looked out with a sidelong glance
I knew she had the number wrong
i started to dance and picked up a song

from the frying pan into the heat
i swear the cold floor burned my feet
the address infinity möbius street
inside space-time’s pocket within a pleat

I hope we’re not stuck
she let out a cluck
I knew we were in luck
my harp did I pluck

for now I was totally lucid
like playing poker with Euclid
putting Descartes before de horse
the back door our only recourse

and out we stepped onto möbius street
the hen and I on the same other side
I offered her a drink from die bottle Klein
the rest of the day we felt quite fine

walking hither and yon
for this street just goes on
time and time again we passed a cat
but the wolf knew not where we be at

we walked all day this chicken and i
we did not cross nor circle nor fly
yet now I really can’t abide
this question of the other side

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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