after hi ate us

after hi ate us
bye spit us out
yummy mallow story
the lump in the middle
lay latent amongst dried leaves
to pass as one breathes

having come by request
as a breath fills the chest
of a slumbering bear
taken in with great care
ushered out like a spare
dissipates everywhere

hooked by the chorus
which never shall bore us
now it’s stuck in your head
like bats clinging crags of dread
you tempt them with bread
thousand wings they do spread

and the tale flutters off
like a light draws a moth
wails like David Lee Roth
being stirred in the broth
of a hundred bygone tales
whipping taught young sails

eddies in the curl of the wake
of each ship’s valiant stake
together interleaved do make
sweet sounds resound within this lake
symphony of burbles and gurgles
for festive fishes fancy baubles

a new morn’s light shines deep
these gems no secrets keep
thus tell their tales up bubbles weep
as every leaf a fin does steep
sunlight blends as bubbles surface
and tell our tale translated turbid

our yummy mallow story settles and heaves
ebbs on and on through trembling leaves
tickles the nose to a horse’s sneeze
i heard your name today whispered on a breeze
and smiled as each footstep wove new tapestry
within the world’s veins each tiny capillary

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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