two black rooks

two black rooks stand in opposite trees
beside them deft knights who do as they please
in this wintry field lay no bishops
nor valiant captains steering starships
turn a tight wing to brumal breeze
gaze straight into elliptic eclipse

right wing rook makes her move
the guardian drags a harrowed hoove
quick cries above lush fields of rye
as queen of rooks takes to the sky
upon great lawns pleasant pawns she spies
with taunting calls she pleadingly plies

ominously she commands the field
bud of each stalk and stem ground and mealed
pastoral pilcrowed pawns provide her shield
stately stoic stanzas shall not yield
wild eyes like pitted potatoes peeled
tenaciously tacit talons wield

with sharpened twig tucked in his craw
aflight wise western rook cries cah-caw
from every tree branches come alive
his pawns join haughty fight to survive
from former fertile field their strength derive
fierce foes fraught with fear liberty deprive

quick queen quells potent pernicious quandary
wicked western wind cast asundry
acaudal cabezaless crowd of crows
confusion crooked the crux of blows
portent of potential marks the time
crewless craft across the Kármán line

fallow field fomented fearful fest
as one faction rose against the rest
quelled rebellion now put to rest
gentle guardian proved protective best
a thousand summers tell the hottest tails
but none like winters’ repeated wails

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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