sixstix (six sticks day)

i saw five sticks
just the other day
now heard six sticks
a knocking on the door
opened up to take a look
could it be or i’m mistook

six sticks upon the floor
heard a bird cry nevermore
now just six sticks nothingmore
what hath this day got in store
a rhythm beating i can’t ignore
’twas one bonzo did play with four

some people reckoneth
today is the eleveneth
most significant digits ignored
though against that i’ve implored
as eleven eleven eleven written
rerendered another way i’m smitten

eleven eleven eleven
on digital switches
all six on as in heaven
would spell in a row doth show
on these six wood switches
one won one won one won

hold five fingers high
and another one for fun
and on your fingers have six ones
shown to every soul you see
some will reflect in glee
for blood-fought battles won

the price of peace often paid in fleece
a mortal coil and many others’ toil
people of our nations held precious
respect with six fingers of your flesh
remember on six sticks who brought peace
those on the surface and those beneath

six sticks my fingers plea
or six sticks of wood i see
such vinary spells binary
for today as sixty-three
it’s easy as can be
if you see like me

for those of you who group by four
three foxes dance upon the floor
the treefox not of one and five
but sticks or fingers two and four
the foxtrot she is like a waltz
three foxtrot waltz as foxtrot four

the foxtrot they danced
when that day in France
the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
upon a train in forest Compiègne
and for every veteran before and since
two minutes of silence then a dance

for those who dance and those can’t
a bid of thanks a prayer a chant
keep six sticks within your heart
and each new day be brave to start
in Unicode three fox marks a question
ask of yourself who’s ship and who’s captain

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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