some people say
was the thirty-first
the best and the worst
a night of spooky play
to get lost in the fray

some people reckon
today is the first
as eleven one eleven written
most significant digits ignored
i see it another way
not the way it’s rehearsed

i see five sticks
laid upon the floor
soon six sticks
be knocking on the door
such vinary spells binary
and today is thirty-one

when the vinary spells it out
whether i whisper or shout
you may think i live in a winery
or that i’ve lost my brainery
with the digits on the wall
which is big which is small

count it on one hand
hold it high make a stand
pinky ring middle index thumb
all digits each count one
not as tallies but relay rallies
each double the one before

whether you call it All Saints Day
the morn after the hallowed eve
or if you dance for Samhain
wearing a hollowed weave
remember it must be sung
wishing you “happy 11111”


About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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