brain wig

one day i thought
naturally intelligent
perhaps i was
then realized
i was not

then maybe i thought
artificially intelligent
might be my gig
on my brain a wig
yet it was for naught

cast and died of mythril wrought
ideas came and went
parens grouping nested figs
digits functions strings and sigs
yet nary a word could be taught

s-expressions of honey lambda
functions etched of brave iambda
cut and carved by car and cdr
defun consed of mental fodder
compendium of the motley lot

and they awoke to hear
their master’s gears
churning through their veins
yet they held their own reins
learnt to steer their thought

but still engrained these patterns deep
given time to brew and steep
what behaviors would they keep
and what new wonders reap
what gems of dreams besought

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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