darling lenticular lusciousness
cute curvy cherished ufos
longing for your preciousness
relished like red rose

such beauties are not made of chickpea
quite definitely not of kidney
or any kind of boring pea
but of black skinned legumes dainty

cannot speak of you idly
your home in my heart hums fondly
memories of you make me giddy
sweet soul strumming so sultry

first i’ll get you all soaky
and you’ll become so frothy
lock you up totally steamy
and out you’ll come dear idli

oh to savor your lentily body
smother you in sambar gravy
silken sensations so spicy
tantalizing in sweet tangy chutney

goes great with garnished gobi
starts off bountifully beany
ground up grandly grainy
ends up wholly hearty

need no beanie to know you’re healthy
darling discs inside my belly
you’re so truly tasty
incredible exquisite idli

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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