one of those

time to unsluice the bib
wash the dust from my toes
enjoying subbody temperatures
night air waltzing in my nose

uncoil the serpent dusting its wake
spent umbels under undulating hose
such a fine besplendored evening
the winds for me had chose

paradise of orange mexican birds
fly in clusters not in rows
great thorny throng gathered
behind grand guardian aloes

begold quite a quiet night
lizardfolk tucked in safe burrows
many a glorious sight
darkbirds flit and dance their tangos

reach down to uncinch the kink
stabbed by pungent narrow arrows
stung by unseen phantom fink
errant needle of prettily petaled rose

brief moment of perplexed reflection
cedes to silent screamed oh-nos
lashed like lava lightning realize
sudden sting of one of those

what dastard demon slink
hiding hinter haunted hose
one who’s wont to quickly prick
my eyes blossom as venom flows

wild fury prods me hurry
bitter flaming toxin slows
why did i not see this poison
whispered wind wails it knows

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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