if time grew on trees

if time grew on trees
time to befriend some bees
get down on my knees
and ask some ants
to come and play
but be careful not to sneeze

ah, if time grew on trees
where to find its seeds
would you look in the meadow
or amongst the reeds
wish I could find
a few seeds please

go ask the buggies
little garden beauties
sit amidst the weeds
close your eyes
breathe out your needs
breathe in a moment

hold this precious moment
nurture it a while
cradle it with style
give it a sweet smile
this moment is your bija seed
the little gem you fancied

hold on to a little now
listen the wind will tell you how
don’t lock it it’s committed no crime
only given a gift that’s quite sublime
let your breath release it
sow the seeds of time

if time grew from seeds
i’d take a few seedlings of time
even the kind that grow as a vine
water them day every
give them light aplenty
never ask them when’s tea

for when the time trees stand like towers
they drink the meter of second showers
each minute leaf and hour bough
dances in the evening breeze
singing songs of then and now
hours pause yet a moment flees

wait for the flowers
to reveal their powers
when the is thickly imbued
with the fragrance of time
chronos heartily brewed
tempus effervescent like lime

before the fruit sours
which might be many hours
or all the days since Herodotus
pluck time fruit in its prime
every breath melodious
every word a rhyme

when you find yourself
in an orchard of time
nectar smeared on your face
with your time-stained tongue
devouring time like you’re in a race
now it’s you time bees have stung

time is not something
kept on a shelf
ripples and eddies you cant replace
moments on a nail cannot be hung
nary a quanta shall we erase
for with these blossoms spring has sprung

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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